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Scheduling, registration and reporting of audit data for maintenance and security procedures


Production flow data recording directly from the production hall for companies in a complex supply chain


Maintenance, failure prediction and reporting to ensure production continuity in Industry 4.0 factories


Plan, organize, provide and report complex facility management activities across multiple locations in the shortest possible time

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Technology Solution Company

Exence is the fastest growing Nearshore Software Outsourcing company in Poland.
We employ the top 1% of talent in the Lower Silesia (Poland) region to fulfil our mission of creating innovative business products and solutions. We provide 100% bilingual experts: software developers, IT architects, testers and project managers.

In the future, we plan to strengthen our market position by introducing further innovative products and new business solutions through advanced technologies, widening our global scale and key partnerships. We’re committed to building strong customer relationships proven by more than 15 years of cooperation with a number of them.
Exence helps your business by providing technological solutions that you can rely on every day, with safety and effectiveness guaranteed.

Satisfied Clients

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We develop our solutions according to our clients’ needs

Exence is highly competent and has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing cost-effective, reliable IT solutions. We provide services for the full product life cycle – Interoperability – Development & Complex Application Integration Predictive Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Custom Software Development, Consulting Services & PM and Mobile and Web Solutions.


IT Outsourcing Managed Services

We provide 24/7/365 support services appreciated by international clients.
Exence’s skills are recognized with numerous certificates from global IT vendors and our status as preferred partner of Microsoft Consulting Services in CEE to support Microsoft Consultants.

Software Integrations

Exence designs and implements integration platforms using the SOA model (ESB, BPM). We have gained a variety of qualifications and experience in integrating complex international applications based on technologies like Oracle SOA Suite, Mule ESB and WebSphere ESB.

Custom Software Development

We provide tailored solutions to client specific needs which are successfully implemented in various business sectors.
We provide support and development services for third party software, which is proven by a number of contracts with our global customers.

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions boost your business by helping to improve file access, data transmission, and syncing across branches.
Exence will span together your networking, security, analytics and management systems to deliver hybrid solutions that link on-premises background to multi-cloud infrastructure together with ongoing support.


Data protection is a high priority for enterprises. Exence can establish efficient information management systems which configure automatic (real-time), schedulable backups of data to a choice of remote devices, external storage devices or cloud-based storage, to prevent loss of important data.

IoT Development

In Utilities, Supply Chain Management and Automotive industries, Exence offers cutting-edge IoT and Machine Learning methods for intelligent buildings, smart cities and Industry 4.0. Our multiplatform integration solutions help clients manage growing data volume and collect IoT data across IT and business operations.

IBMS and low voltage Installations

From design to implementation of electrical and low voltage installations, we install fire detection, computer networks, security and monitoring of the building. They meet any requisite approvals connected with inspection procedures and local legal regulations.

Business Intelligence

We deal with Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Big Data Management – discovering insights from data and turns it into business opportunities. We have successfully deployed many projects in Data science, data profiling and data modelling. Exence helped a multinational companies to enable a greater understanding of their data.

Porting of Solutions

Business development entails adjusting solutions to client requirements and changing needs like fast growth or acquisition of companies. It requires reorganization, spin-off or integration of multiple sources of data or technologies. Exence can efficiently combine these for you.

Technology Conference June 2020

Exence S.A. Company was a participant in the Technology Conference that was held in June 2020. During this event, a company delegation distributed our NFC tags diverted to Exence' new website 🙂 Thank you and see you again...

Wrocław’s IT Services Center – Project Monitoring & Management System

In December 2018, Wrocław’s IT Services Centre began looking for a Project Monitoring & Management System. The service centre required software to enable them to manage task budgets by tracking planned expenditure and...

Neapco Europe Sp. z o.o. – ESS Implementation

Neapco Europe supplies parts for numerous well-known car manufacturers. To help ensure high quality standards and give employees the opportunity to gain further qualifications, employees, both managerial staff and line /...

Exence has completed the modernization of the AC and TNA system and launched “intelligent barriers”

We have completed the modernization of the Access Control (AC) and Time and Attendance (TNA) system at the EBCC (Draxton Group). The aim of the project was to adapt the existing AC and TNA systems to the current...

Exence modernizes the LAN at Ronal Polska

In March 2020, Exence completed modernization of the LAN at Ronal Polska. This is the first stage of a project to implement a completely new network infrastructure in one of Ronal's production plants in Poland. In this...

Exence consultants implement new backup system for large gastronomy company

Exence has completed the implementation of a backup system for our long-time global client.Exence has completed the implementation of a backup system for our long-time global client.In the first phase, we focused on...

Exence implements VMware vRealize Operations 7 Advanced at Ronal Polska

We have implemented VMware vRealize Operations 7 Advanced in 3 branches of Ronal Polska. This project was the next step in building a VMware environment for one of our long-term, strategic partners. After implementing...

Modern WLAN network for a leader in the production of alloy wheels

We have implemented a new WLAN network in one of Ronal Polska’s factories. The following tasks were carried out as part of the project: Expanding cabling network in order to implement the WLAN. Delivery of modern WLAN...

Implementation of NetApp storage for Südzucker Polska S.A.

We have completed the implementation of another NetApp storage for Südzucker Polska S.A. As part of the project the FAS2720 series storage was delivered and implemented. We have also modernized the SAN network. Exence has...

Humidity monitoring system at Südzucker Polska S.A.

Sugar is a hygroscopic substance, i.e. it has a tendency to absorb moisture. Therefore the analysis of the environmental conditions in the places where it is stored is absolutely crucial. Supplying products that do not meet...

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A Success Story


NB Polska Sp. z o. o. (VELUX group) – a company from manufacturing sector with over 70 years of experience. Factories located in Poland produce windows both for domestic and European market (3/4 of manufacturing).


Client’s Need

Rising awareness of changing market conditions and increasing competition in short-series production required an innovative solution allowing the agile collection and processing of manufacturing data.

Easy access to data and rapid analysis of it was necessary to control production processes and provide the ability to respond quickly in the case of deviations from established plans.


Team Members

We own system intergration lab at NATO restricted level


We are a reliable company and work for the most demanding industries

As a Technology Solution Company with vast experience in a wide range of industries we support our corporate clients’ growth by guaranteeing stability. We are a partner of the largest IT technology providers and producers. We are able to offer cutting-edge technologies and guarantee technical and substantial support right from the beginning, keeping the highest quality standards.


Digital transformations for gas, electricity and water sector to automate all data-driven decision.


Production management planning, information, documentation requires an automation in all fields. 


Solutions and IT services for defense with strong background knowledge especially in ISR and military logistic.


IT software solutions and performant systems for the automotive industry. OEMs and Tier 1s.

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