Exence has successfully implemented Swivel system for one of our clients.

Established in 2000, Swivel Secure is a pioneer in solutions for securing network access. The Swivel multi-factor authentication platform with the patented One-Time-Code Extraction technology is recognized worldwide as a standard in software (without hardware tokens) authentication technology. According to Gartner analysts, Swivel offers a wide range of technology implementation possibilities. The system provides authentication using: browser, mobile applications, hardware tokens, SMS, Voice Response and so-called interactive channels.

The implementation of Swivel technology provides the following benefits for the client:

  • One system to secure technologies from different manufacturers.
  • Additional security (2 factor) for access to: business applications, VPN, WEB services, cloud and selected administrative accounts (also applies to Microsoft products).
  • PINsafe – up to 99 codes can be used without authentication from the Swivel server.
  • Administrators do not know user PINs, they are randomly generated.
  • Prevention of PINs being change to simple ones, e.g. 1234, 1111.
  • Self-management – the user can change the PIN himself, reset the PIN or pair the PINsafe on the phone with his login.

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