2nd Factor or how to quickly increase the security of access to business applications

Exence has successfully implemented Swivel system for one of our clients.

Established in 2000, Swivel Secure is a pioneer in solutions for securing network access. The Swivel multi-factor authentication platform with the patented One-Time-Code Extraction technology is recognized worldwide as a standard in software (without hardware tokens) authentication technology. According to Gartner analysts, Swivel offers a wide range of technology implementation possibilities. The system provides authentication using: browser, mobile applications, hardware tokens, SMS, Voice Response and so-called interactive channels.

The implementation of Swivel technology provides the following benefits for the client:

  • One system to secure technologies from different manufacturers.
  • Additional security (2 factor) for access to: business applications, VPN, WEB services, cloud and selected administrative accounts (also applies to Microsoft products).
  • PINsafe – up to 99 codes can be used without authentication from the Swivel server.
  • Administrators do not know user PINs, they are randomly generated.
  • Prevention of PINs being change to simple ones, e.g. 1234, 1111.
  • Self-management – the user can change the PIN himself, reset the PIN or pair the PINsafe on the phone with his login.

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