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Humidity monitoring system at Südzucker Polska S.A.

Sugar is a hygroscopic substance, i.e. it has a tendency to absorb moisture. Therefore the analysis of the environmental conditions in the places where it is stored is absolutely crucial. Supplying products that do not meet quality standards always incurs financial losses and, importantly, can have a very negative impact on the manufacturer’s market image.

To meet the needs of our client, Exence provided and installed sensitive detectors to measure humidity and temperature. Moreover, the physical conditions of warehouses demanded an innovative solution to ensure that the sensors were maintenance free and could effectively transmit the data recorded.

Exence’s solution comprised a network of sensors connected to a central web application that allows automatic reading of environmental parameters. The current conditions are displayed in dedicated dashboards, as well as real-time reporting of deviations and analysis of trends. Of course the history of this data is also important during delivery and returns processes.

Providing customers with products of the highest quality is “inscribed in the DNA” of Südzucker Polska S.A. Therefore, we are constantly striving to search for new technologies that will help us maintain high quality standards of our products. Such a solution is of course the system created by Exence. From one simple interface we have access to current information and to notifications we receive when the environmental conditions deviate from the optimal. The system works in warehouses distributed across many locations in Poland.

Marek Witkowski, Head of IT, Südzucker Polska S.A.

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