Neapco Europe Sp. z o.o. – ESS Implementation

Neapco Europe supplies parts for numerous well-known car manufacturers. To help ensure high quality standards and give employees the opportunity to gain further qualifications, employees, both managerial staff and line / production employees, are frequently sent to other branches within Europe e.g. Germany, as well further afield, such as to the USA or Mexico.

The company was looking for an automated employee self-service application and chose the Exence ESS (Employee Self-Service) platform to manage HR processes. The solution also had to take into account the rather complicated structure of Neapco – some Polish employees had supervisors in Düren, Germany, and the system needed to automatically select the correct language version when logging in. In addition to multi-language versions, the solution also included:

  • supporting national placements (travel, food allowances, etc.)
  • supporting advances (PLN and other currencies)
  • the ability to issue and settle costs for foreign placements (crossing the border, etc …)

The system can also manage the invoice flow in the company. Exence implemented an invoice processes workflow in Neapco for:

  • service invoices,
  • fixed assets invoices,
  • invoices for purchasing materials,
  • invoices for courier and transport services,
  • invoices for external services,

The platform is integrated with the company’s ERP system. The project was completed within the budget and deadline agreed with the client.

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